Currently Seeking Volunteer Visitation Supervisors. To apply please use the form below.

We are always seeking new volunteers to assist families in keeping the parent child bond strong. Children need the love and support of both parents, whenever possible. We provide supervised visitations so that children do not feel abandoned or take it on themselves to think they did something wrong if they don’t see their missing parent. We provide a safe haven, with private rooms for families to come together for a few hours a week. Our volunteers visitation supervisors are the people who sit in on the visits, observing and taking notes. Volunteers are trained to be observant, objective and impartial.

We would like volunteers to commit to at least one shift a month so they can keep their training active, too long of an absence and things could be missed. We ask anyone interested in volunteering as a supervisor first come in and sit in on a visit with another volunteer; to see how the whole process works. After you sit in and decide this is something you want to do we have you fill out paperwork, we do a background check and you begin training. Training is on the job and will take approximately 3 more visits. Feasibly you could do all your training in a week and begin supervising soon after, whenever you are ready. We do not let you solo until you feel comfortable.

If you would like to sit in on a visit or need more information please call Erin at 419-473-8955 or fill out the form below. Visits are done Wed., Fri., and Sun. 5-8 (with shifts within those like 5-7 or 6-8). We also have an afternoon shift on Sun. from 2:30-4:30 you can sit in on any of these shifts as long as I have talked with you first. Thank you for your interest, I hope to see you soon. Volunteers must be 19 yrs or older.

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