Types of Visitation

CRC is a visitation center for non-custodial parents and their child(ren). We have both moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, siblings etc. come to our location.

We get referrals from Domestic Courts (parents who have been married) and Juvenile Courts (unmarried parents). We offer several different types of services.

  • Supervised Visitation-Parent and child are together in a room but there is always a Visitation Supervisor present taking notes.
  • Monitored Visitation-Parent and child are together in a room with no Supervisor present. The family is checked on regularly and notes are taken at check ins.
  • Exchange-Exchanges are for parents who can take children away from our building for visits or overnights, but parents for whatever reason cannot do it without us.
  • Coming soon therapeutic visitations.

There are charges for all of these services. We work with several counties in NW Ohio.

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