Donate Now

There are so many ways to give to CRC. You can click the donate button below, you can donate your time by being a volunteer, or you can check our wishlist on this site for things we need. We appreciate everything and anything you can do. Thank you

  •  The buy toys, games and puzzles for kids to play with, not only with their parent but also when they are waiting for the parent to arrive. A lot of our games are very old and falling apart. We have toys on hand for infants, toddlers, and kids of all ages.
  • Cleaning supplies. As you can imagine it’s a constant job of clean-up. We supply cleaning supplies to every parent when they visit. Parents’ can then clean up their room when the visit is over.
  • Rent. We are so lucky to have the space we use from Hope United Methodist Church, it’s not free but very reasonable. The space they let us use is priceless.
  • Donations can be directed toward helping to offset visits.
  • Other miscellaneous items to keep our service viable.

Thank you for your donation

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