Book Recommendations

Books on Divorce for Adults:
Ahrons, Constance (1980). The good divorce: Keeping your family together when your
marriage falls apart.
Ahron and Rodgers. Divorced Families.
Alvarez, Alfared (‘981). Life after marriage: Love in an age of divorce.
Barnett, Peter (1980). Parenting children of divorce.
Belli, Melvin (1988). Divorcing.
Berger, Stuart. Divorce Without Victims.
Berstein, Anne (1989). Yours. mine. and ours: How families change when remarried
parents have a child together.
Blau, Melinda (1993). Families apart: Ten keys to successful co-parenting.
Bloomfield, H., Colgrove M. and McWilliams, P. (1991). How to survive the loss of a
Briles, Judith. The Dollars and Sense of Divorce: The Financial Guide for Women.
Brovins, Joan and Oehmke, Thomas (1992). Divorce dirty tricks.
Clapp, Genevieve (1992). Divorce and new beginnings: An authoritative guide to
recovery and growth, solo parenting. and step families.
Cohen, Miriam G. Long distance Parenting: A Guide for Divorced Parent,
Engel, Margorie (1994). divorce help source book.
Everett, C., Everett, S. (1994). Healthy divorce.
Fisher, Bruce (1992). Rebuilding: When your relationship ends (2nd ed.
Friedman, James (1984). The divorce handbook: Your basic guide to divorce.
Galpier, Miriam. Joint Custody and Co-Parenting.
Gardner, Richard (1991). The parents book about divorce.
Goldstein, Dr. Sol. Divorced Parenting. How to Make it Work.
Hunt, Morton M. & Hunt, Bernice K. The Divorce Experience.
Hyde, Margaret O. (1989). Parents divided. parents multiplied.
Ives, Sally Blakeslee. The divorce workbook.
Johansen, Frances. Financial Strategies Before and After Divorce.
Jong, E. Megan’s Book of Divorce.
Krantzler, Mel (1985). Creative divorce.
Limon, w. (1991). Beginning again: Beyond the end of love.
McWilliams, Peter, and Colgrove, Melba and Bloomfield, Harold H. How to Survive the
Loss of Love.
Robertson, Christina. A Woman’s Guide to Divorce and Decision Making: A Supportive
Workbook for Women Facing the Process of divorce.
Schuller, Robert. Tough Times Never Last. But Tough People Dot
Silver, Gerald and Silver, Myrna. Weekend Fathers.
Trafford, Abigail (1982). Crazy time: Surviving divorce.
Walker, Glynnis. Solomon’s Children: Exploding the Myths of Divorce.
Wallerstein, Judith and Blakeslee, Sandra. Second chances: Men. Women and Children a
Decade After Divorce.
Ware, Ciji. Sharing Parenthood After Divorce: An Enlighted Custody Guide for Mothers.
Fathers. and Kids.
Wilson, Carol Ann and Schilling, Edwin. The Survival Manual for Women in Divorce: 150
Questions and Answers.
Walley, Persia. The Custody Handbook.
Children of Divorced/Divorcing Parents:
Barr, Deborah. Caught in the Crossfire: Children of Divorce.
Chess, Stella. Know Your Child: An Authoritative Guide for Today’s Parents.
Despert, J. Louise. Children of Divorce.
Diamond, Susan (1985). Helping children of divorce: A handbook for parents and
Dolmetsch, Paul (1985). The kid’s book about single-parent families.
Fraiberg, Selma H. The Magic Years: Understanding and Handling the Problems of Early
Francke, Linda (1983). Growing UP divorced.
Garrity, Carla (1980). Caught in the middle.
Goldstein, Sonja and Solnit, Albert (1984). Divorce and your child: Practical suggestions
for parents.
Goldzband, Melvin. Quality Time: Easing the Children Through Divorce.
Greif, Geoffrey and Pabst, Mary S. (1992). Mothers without custody.
GroUman, Earl. EXPlaining Divorce to Children.
Jackson, Michael and Jackson, Jessica and Jackson, Bruce. “Your Father’s Not Coming
Home Anymore. n
Jewett, Claudia (1 982). Helping children cope with separation and loss.
Kalter, Neil (1989). Growing UP with divorce: Helping your child avoid immediate and
later emotional problems.
Kline, Kris (1991). For the sake of the children: How to share your children with your ex-spouse–in
spite of your anger.
Krementz, Jill. What Every Child Would like Parents to Know About Divorce.
Lansky, Vicky (1989). Vicky Lansky’s divorce book for parents: Helping your children.
Lewis, Helen Coale. All About Families The Second Time Around – For Boys, girls, Their
Parents and Step-Parents.
Maccobby, Eleanor and Mnookin, Robert. Dividing the Child: Social and Legal Dilemmas
of Custody.
Mayle, Peter (1979). Divorce can happen to the nicest people.
Ricci, Isolina (1980). Mom”s house. dad”s house: Making shared custody work.
Salk, Lee (1978). What every child would like parents to know about divorce.
Shiff, Eileen and Ames, Louise Bates. Experts Advice Parents: A Guide to Raising
loving. Responsible Children.
Teyber, Edward (1992). Helping children cope with divorce.
Troyer, Warner (1980). Divorced kids: Children of divorce speak out and give advice to
mothers. fathers. lovers. stepparents. brothers and sisters. boyfriends and girlfriends.
Turow, Rita (1977). Daddy doesn’t”t live here anymore.
Walczak, Yvette and Sheila Burns (1987). Divorce: The child’s point of view.
Wallerstein, Judith (1 980). Surviving the breakup: How children and parents cope with
Wheeler, Michael (1980). Divorced children: A legal guide for divorcing parents.
Berman, Claire (1980). Making it as a stepparent: New role and new rules.
Bloomfield, Harold (1992). Making peace in the step-family: Surviving and thriving as
parents and stepparents.
Getcoff, Ann and McClenahan, Carolyn (1984). Stepkids: A survival guide for teenagers
in step-families.
Glassman, Bruce (1980). Everything you need to know about step-families.
Keshet, Jamie (1987). Love and power in the stepfamily.
Lofas, Jeannette (1985). SteD-parenting.
Maddox, Brenda (1975). The half-parent: Living with other people”s children.
Messinger, Lillian. Remarriage. A Family Affair
Noble, June (1977). How to live with other people’s children.
Rosenberg, Maxine (1990). Talking about steD-families.
Visher, Emily and John (1982). How to. win as a step-family.
Children’s Books on Separation. Divorce and Stepfamilies:
Angell, Judie. When Your Parents Divorce.
Banks, Ann When your parents get a divorce: A kid’s journal.
Baum, Louis and Bouma, Paddy. One More Time.
Berger, Terry (1974). A friend can help.
Berger, Terry. How Does It Feel When Your Parents Get Divorce?
Berman, Claire (1982). What am I doing in a stepfamily? (Ages 12-15)
Berstein, Joanne. Books to Help Children with Separation and Loss. Chapter: Divorce,
Marital Separation, Single Parent Family
Bienenfield, Florence (1980). My mom and dad are getting a divorce. Minnesota: EMC.
Corp. (Ages 10-14)
Blume, JUdy (1972). It’s not the end of the world. (Novel, Ages 9- 14).
Boeckman, Charles (1980). Surviving your parent’s divorce. (Ages 9-14).
Boegehold, Betty. Daddy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.
Brown, Laurene (1986). Dinosaurs Divorce: A guide for changing families. (Ages 3-7)
Byars, Betsy. The Animal. the Vegetable and John D. Jones.
Cameron, Eleanor. To the Green Mountains.
Caines, Jeannette. Daddy.
Christiansen, C. B. My mother’s house. my father’s house. (Ages 6-10)
Cleary. Beverly. Otis Spofford.
Cleary, Beverly (1991). Strider. New York: Morrow Junior Books. (Ages 14-17)
Cone, Molly. The Amazing Memory of Harvey Bean.
Conrad, Pam. Holding Me Here.
Danzinger, Paula. The Divorce Express.
Dometsh, Paul. The Kid’s Book About Single Parent Families.
Dragonwagon, Crescent, and Zeldich, Arieh. Always. Always.
Duffey, Betsy. (1994). Coaster. New York: Penguin Group. (Ages 12-15)
Fayerweather Street School District & Rofes, Eric E. The Kid’s Book of Divorce: By. For
and About Kids.
Field, Mary B. and Shore, Hennie (1994). My life turned upside down, but I turned it
right side up. (solutions for problems for children, ages 8-12)
Forrai, Margaret and Pursell, Margaret S. A Look at Divorce.
Gardner, Richard (1 971). The Boys and Girls Book About Divorce. (Ages 9-14)
Gardner, Richard A. The Boys and Girls Book About Qne Parent Families.
Gerson, Corinne. Son For A Day.
Gilbert, Sara. How to Live With a Single Parent.
Girard, Linda and Friedman, Judith. At Daddy’s on Saturdays.
Glass, Stuart. A Divorce Dictionary: A Book for You and Your Children.
Goff, Beth. Where is Daddy? – The Story of Divorce.
Grauman, Earl. Talking About Divorce.
Hazen, Barbara (1978). Two homes to live in: A child’s-eye view of divorce. (Ages 4-
Helmering, Doris. I Have Two Families.
Hest, Amy. Where in the World is the Perfect Family.
Hurwitz, Johanna. Dede Takes Charge.
Jukes, Mavis. Like Jake and Me.
Krementz, Jill (1984). How it feels when parents divorce. (Ages 7-16)
LeShan, Edna. What’s Going to Happen to Me?: When Parents Separate or Divorce.
Lexau, Joan M. Emily and the Klumky Baby and the Next Door Dog.
Lexau, Joan M. Me Day.
Lindsey, Jeanne W. Do I Have a Daddy.
Lisker, Sonia O. Two Special Cards.
Mann, Peggy. My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel.
Mayle, Peter. Divorce Can Happen to the Nicest People.
Mayle, Peter (1988). Why are we getting a divorce? (Ages 14-17)
Mazer, Norma Lee (1991). E. my name is Emily. (Ages 10-13)
Ne~field, Ma~ia. A Book for Jordan.
Nickman, Steven L. (1986). When mom and dad divorce. (Ages 9-14)
Noble, June. Two Homes for Lynn.
Osman, Trudy and Carey, Joanne. Where Has Daddy Gone?
Park, Barbara. Don’t Make Me Smile.
Paulsen, Gary. Hatchet.
Peck, Richard. Unfinished Portrait of Jessica.
Perry, Patricia and lynch, Marietta. Mommy and daddy are Divorced.
Peterson, Jeanne W. This is That.
Poroun, Arthur. Dinosaurs Divorce.
Pursell, Margaret S. A Look at divorce.
Richards, Arlene and Willis, Irene. How to Get it Together When Your Parents are
Coming Apart.
Rogers, Fred and O’Brien, Claire. Mr. Rogers Talks with Families About Divorce.
Rogers, Helen S. Morris and his Brave Lion.
Schuman, Joan. Two Places to Sleep.
Simon, Norma. All Kinds of Families.
Simon, Norma. The Daddy Days.
Sinberg, Janet. Divorce is a Grown Up Problem.
Smith, Doirs B. Kick a Stone Home.
Stanek, Muriel. I Won’t Go Without a Father.
Stein, Sara B. On Divorce.
Stinson, Kathy. Mom and Dad Don”t Live Together Anymore.
Thomas, Ianthe. Eliza”s Daddy.
Turow, Rita (1977). Daddy doesn’t live here anymore. (Ages 10-14)
Vigna, Judith. paddy”s New Baby.
Vigna, Judith. Mommy and Me By Ourselves Again.
Vigna, Judith. She’s Not My Real Mother.
Voight, Cynthia. A Solitary Blue.
Wood, Phyllis. Win Me and You Lose.
Vigna, Judith (1984). Grandma Without Me. (Ages 3-8)
Single: Parenting:
Atlas, Stephen (1984). The parents without partners source book.
Berman, Eleanor (1977). The cooperating family.
Clapp, Genevieve (1992). Divorce and new beginnings: An authoritative guide to
recovery and growth. solo parenting. and step families.
Dodson, Fitzhugh (1987). How to single parent.
Gifbert.. Sara (1982). How to live with a single parent.
Kerpelman, leonard (1983). Divorce: A guide for men.
Pearson, Carol L. (1 988). One on the see-saw: The UPS and downs of a single-parent
Robertson, John (1986). Suddenly single: Learning to start over through the experience
of others.
The kids’ book about single-parent families. by kids for everyone. Edited by Paul
DoJmetsch and Alex Shih
Wolley, Persia. Creative Survival for Single Mothers.
Yates, Martha(1976). Coping: A survival manual for Women Alone

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