No One Should Have to Pay to See Their Kids

Indeed! We at CRC agree no one should have to pay to visit their own child(ren) at our center. Unfortunately it’s the only way our doors stay open. It’s sometimes assumed that Children’s Rights Collaborative is part of the court system, children’s services or even United Way. We are not part of any other organization we do this on our own …for the last 16 years.

We have to charge for services because we are not funded by any organization or even many donors. We are very grateful to the Lucas County Domestic Court for the stipend they give our parents for visits, this takes some of the pressure off parents.

We try and have different and fun fundraisers on a regular basis to also help offset funds. How can you help? Any number of ways. Talk about us, share our posts on social media, volunteer, donate. No matter what you do you will be making a difference.

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