The Effects of Divorce on Children Guest Post

The Effects of Divorce on Children

For the parent’s side, the topic of divorce can bring several fears. Fear of what’s going to happen next, effects-of-divorce-on-childrenhow the family members would cope with it, especially for the kids.

The effects of divorce on children can be very devastating, most especially if they are still young in age. Divorce is a strong force that causes the family’s bond and relationship to weaken and falter slowly; no child would ever want to go through seeing their parents break-up and not be together.

To delve into how divorce affects children here is some information about it. Changes that are seen and felt by the kids, their relationships with others, and their overall state after the family’s wreckage will be tackled.

  1. Capacity to Learn will be affected greatly

Studies have shown that children whose parents are divorced tend to have a weaker capacity regarding learning. The absence of a father makes young children have lower cognitive skills, particularly for the girls. Moving home is also a big factor for the children since they are going to be very attached to their home especially when their parents break up; they’ll most likely be out of focus in school and won’t be able to do well.

  1. Styles in handling conflict will change

Children from divorced parents would tend to have a destructive style in handling conflict. Compared to those with intact families, the children who have been through the divorce of their parents would often grow up into persons who would resort to violence in resolving a conflict. They are more likely to become very aggressive and would have communication problems with people around him/her. Especially for those who have seen their parents shout and fight with each other, they are most likely to be someone who shouts and gets aggressive like that.

  1. Playing the ‘blame game.’

For kids, it is very unsightly to see your parents break up. That experience would make him/her rebel against that change (divorce) in one way or another. Each kid would have different styles and ways to express their anger and in blaming their parents. They would tend to blame everything unto their parents, do rebellious acts, and take the pity of everyone else.

  1. Children would leave home earlier

With their family’s relationship on the rocks due to divorce, a child would tend to leave their home earlier for whatever reason there is — to get married or live together with someone or to just move out and live on their own. Children from divorced parents are also likely to cohabit or get married earlier.


  1. More likely to get divorced in the future

Marital instability would probably be passed onto the next one in the family, which is why divorce rates would be higher. Daughters who are from divorced parents are the ones who tend to get divorced in their marriage, compared to the sons of divorced parents. Witnessing their parents go through a divorce is an image that won’t get erased easily, and it often leads to lower marital quality for the children.

the-effects-of-divorce-on-childrenDivorce is proven to take a toll on the children, as it not only affects them in the present but most especially on how they will be in the future. Their whole personality and attitude get affected; even their married life in the future and how they will treat the people around them are also at stake. It would be a whole lot better for the family’s sake if both of the parents can talk it out, settle their differences, accept each other’s flaws, or to just consult a divorce lawyer.

Trauma is probably something all kids with divorced parents had to go through. The break-up of their parents would always be a painful image etched in their hearts and minds. Although these effects aren’t happening or have happened to all, these are still very likely, and a lot must have experienced some.

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