Monthly Giving

A lot of larger companies offer their employees a way to donate a designated amount every month from their paycheck to their charity of choice. This often is not the case for smaller companies. Monthly donations are so important to non-profits and are something that can provide a service on a regular basis because the funding for that program comes in every month.
Please Donations are rough to ask for, especially if you are one of the smaller non-profits, the big ones, the ones with the commercials and the billboards, don’t have any problem asking but for the smaller ones it’s hard for us to even get a moment of someone’s time to talk about what we do and then we have to convince someone that our small need is not unlike what the big ones are looking for, just on a much smaller scale. We are all the same, trying to do good with the resources we have, to make a difference.Monthly giving is something we hope for always. It gives us a chance to look to the future. Perhaps add programs that will compliment what we do already.We do have a monthly giving program through Paypal. We hope that you will give it a try. $20 a month can be made to stretch to significantly. Check out our link here: Monthly Giving Program there is a little circle you click to make your donation an ongoing thing and can be stopped at anytime through PayPal.

What we would do for your monthly gift, is keep you posted on how we are using your gift to make things better for kids and parents here at the center. If you like you can sign up for our newsletter, Go to bottom of page for newsletter sign up. Thank you for all that you do.


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