Meet Ashley

ashleyThis is Ashley. Ashley was recently released from prison. She hasn’t seen her 7-year-old daughter, Kyle, for 3 years. Because mom is recently released  from  prison the judge has ordered she have supervised visits, with her daughter Kyle, at Children’s Rights Collaborative of NW Ohio. Ashley calls and makes an appointment right away to fill out all the paperwork to start visits with her daughter. Unfortunately, there is a waiting list, she is very disappointed.  <Waiting lists happen for a couple of reason either there is no room or most likely because we do not have enough volunteers, to cover all the visits.> We don’t tell Ashley the reason nor do we tell her how long it will be until she is given a visit slot, we never know– either a family leaves us or we gain a volunteer or two, usually the former.

After 6 weeks we finally have an available slot and enough volunteers, so Ashley and her daughter Kyle reunite for the first time in over 3 years. Kyle is nervous she hardly remembered her mom, but mom thought to bring photos of herself and Kyle when Kyle was younger. Before the end of the visit she was sitting in mom’s lap having a book read to her. When the visit ended, there were hugs and “I love you” and “see you next week.”

Ashley has a long road ahead of her, it’s not a quick process, but with patience and being always here for visits she will seeing her daughter for outside visits in the future.

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