The Week in Review

Erin O'Bryan Executive Director Children's Rights Council of NW Ohio 419-473-8955

Erin O’Bryan
Executive Director
Children’s Rights Council of NW Ohio

Things are really hopping this week. Many intakes, our wonderful Carol does these, that is the thing that can sometimes be hard to fathom. A lot of nonprofits are working for a cause that someday they will not be needed for. We are a cause that will never end. Very much like The United Way, or any other cause that is more social. We can hope.

This week I met the cutest, sweetest little boy, he was around 2, very active, and has these big old glasses on his little face and his smile would melt your heart. He seemed like any other two-year old except he was nonverbal and has Downs Syndrome. I just wanted to play with him all afternoon.

I sat in on a visit this week with another little guy he was just in hysterics. As soon as mom tried to leave he got so worked up, the crying broke my heart. When they are small like that you feel so bad that the one parent has to leave before the other arrives..but there is a reason for that. I tried consoling this child with everything I could think of but nothing worked, until daddy walked in. They hadn’t seen each other for a while, the little guys tears dried up and hugs were many, dads tears took awhile to stop. When dad left the little guys tears began again until mom arrived. I don’t think she believed me when I said he stopped crying the minute dad came. That’s how it is sometimes.

Looking forward to today. It’s always very busy on Sunday but it’s so nice to see so many families together enjoying each others company. Have a wonderful day!

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