One Day Last Week.

Erin O'Bryan Executive Director Children's Rights Council of NW Ohio 419-473-8955

Erin O’Bryan
Executive Director
Children’s Rights Council of NW Ohio

I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks because it’s been so busy lately. New intakes never end, so we’re always juggling schedules with volunteer availability. We had a fundraiser over the weekend and another one this weekend, a clothing drive check it out here.  We’re doing volunteer training tonight I’m excited about this it will be a totally different experience for me and hopefully for our volunteers.

Last week I did an intake that completely explains why we are always looking for donors. A little back story. We receive a stipend from domestic court to help offset fees for parents but nothing from juvenile court(parents who have never married) so fees are higher and many times these cases are lower-income parents. We have to charge fees, mostly due to the insurance we have to have to run, rent and other misc. fees. On one occasion last week I had to do an intake, usually the lovely Carol does our intakes she is so very good at it, but some parents can’t make it during the day to come in and meet with us. So dad sat down in front of me telling me how much he missed his son who was two years old. He hadn’t seen his son in a month, for a two-year old and parent it’s a huge amount of time. We got through the intake pretty well until I had to go over the fees, my least favorite part. Well dad let me go over it, he took it in and then started weeping. He was working hard, allegedly paying child support and just didn’t know how he was going to come up with funds to see his son. It’s the worst thing to see and hear, I wish I could just say “of course, for you, I’ll waive the fees”. I can’t say that though or we couldn’t do what we do. That’s where donations and fundraising comes in. I’m sure potential donors wonder why we need donations and this is exactly why. We would like to offset those fees too for the unmarried parents who need to visit their child just as much as the child needs to see this parent. Ideally I would love to not have to charge parents at all. This is what I work toward.

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