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Erin O’Bryan
Executive Director
Children’s Rights Council of NW Ohio

This week we got a call, a dad no longer has to use our services to see his daughter. He can take her to his home, out for ice cream and all the things dads can do. It’s times like these where we are so excited for them but a little sad. We do get to know these families, especially the kids. This child was just around 2 yrs old and scared when she came to us. I chose to do this first visit to see what I could do. The child cried and called out for her grandma and there was no soothing her. Dad came and was a little too boisterous and scared the child more. That first visit, she cried almost all the time and backed herself in the corner still very scared. Between the two of us, we got her out and she interacted a little, and then dad had to leave. The second week better, still scared but definitely better. Third week she called out to daddy when he entered the room and ran to him to be picked up. Last time, she cried when he left.

Stories like this happen all the time, but they are not always like this don’t get me wrong. But it is stories like this that make us know we are doing something necessary and important. We’re proud to do it! Want a tour to maybe think about volunteering, call us.

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