This Is Why We Do It

Erin O'Bryan Executive Director Children's Rights Council of NW Ohio 419-473-8955

Erin O’Bryan
Executive Director
Children’s Rights Council of NW Ohio

Last night was an amazing night. We had two special visitations last night, both brand new, both moms. One mom hadn’t see her child in over two years, we had a shy little boy and a mom. When mom walked in the door she looked around and spied her son then broke down in tears. Her son was shy at first but when they came back to check out that gap wasn’t there anymore. The second visit was a young lady waiting for her mom. Mom walked in the door and it was like a scene from a movie, running to each other, embracing and lots of tears. It’s really hard to not be emotional when you see things like that.

These aren’t the situations we see every night but it’s the kind of thing that makes all the hard stuff seem insignificant. Interested in becoming a volunteer? All you need to do is email or call me. We’ll set up an appointment day or night, and I’ll tell you all about us and give you a tour. 419-473-8955.

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