Aren’t you guys lawyers?

Welcome to the blog. I’m not a writer by any means but it’s nice to share things that happen with us and this is the best way. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to contact us anytime. So here’s what we hear a lot, “aren’t you all lawyers?” “I need help and I need you to take my case”. No one seems to know exactly what we do.

We get referrals from the domestic court and the juvenile court of Lucas County and from other counties in NW Ohio. Referrals are in regards to non-custodial parents who want visits with their children but for whatever reason supervised (someone in the room) or monitored (in our location but no one in the room but checked on regularly). Sometimes this is a short period of time for visitations before another court hearing but often times it can go on for a long time with no end date in place. Sometimes we get calls just from parents who can’t make an exchange between parents without conflict, we facilitate exchanges also.

Many don’t realize how easily they or someone they know could end up at our center visiting their children. It’s moms and dads from all walks of life, there is no average person who uses us. Almost everyone has been or knows someone who is in the middle of a divorce with children, or a custody issue from a past relationship, and all it takes is one accusation, arrest, or addiction and you could be visiting us. It happens every day, accusations can be true and are under investigation or a parent makes a claim that causes action to be taken. Addictions are a common reason we need to supervise visitations, either ongoing problems or past addictions. Our parents sometimes come to us just out of jail, wanting to reconnect with their children, some have never met their children until they come to us. It’s not as far removed as you may think from all our lives.

There are wonderful stories at our facility and sad ones too. We’d love to have you consider volunteering with us to help supervise visitations or if you can’t donate time we are always looking for funding. Questions? Need more information? Give us a call or an email. 419-473-8955 or

Erin O'Bryan Interim Executive Director Children's Rights Council of NW Ohio 419-473-8955

Erin O’Bryan
Interim Executive Director
Children’s Rights Council of NW Ohio – Visitation Center


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