supervised visitationChildren’s Rights Collaborative of NW Ohio(CRC) program provides children and their parents with a safe, nurturing environment for supervised visitation and exchanges, allowing a child to have his or her relationship with the non-custodial parent without being placed in the middle of the parents’ conflicts. Emphasis is placed on the safety and well-being of the child or children, as well as the victim in cases of domestic violence. Families and relationships can’t heal if they aren’t nurtured. We hope in what we do we help in the healing.

Anyone from any family can end up coming to CRC, not because they are a bad parent but because they have an issue or issues that they need to get under control to prove to all involved that they are ready and able to be the parent the child needs and deserves. Parents come to us for many reasons but all are here because they want to have a relationship with their child. CRC wants to make the child feel comfortable in a situation that is anything but comfortable.

Please consider making a gift to Children’s Rights Collaborative in your will and financial plan.

CRC is a registered non-profit E.I.N. 52-2094990

Vision Statement: Children’s Rights Collaborative of NW Ohio’s, 501(c)(3), an incorporated organization, vision is for both parents to play a significant parenting role in their children’s lives. Children need grandparents, stepparents and others who are part of the family fabric working as a team.




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